Cutting (H)edge

  1. Traditional Data
  2. Non-Traditional Data

What is Alternative Data?

What are Hedge Funds?

The Adoption:

Fig 1. Adoption of Alternative Data by Hedge Funds

The Alpha Move:

Fig 2. The convergence of Alt Data and Hedge Funds

Be a marksman, avoid blind spots:

Fig 3. Aiming for Alpha

The Edge:

  • Alternate Data is taking the Hedge Fund Market by storm
  • Hedge Funds were the earliest adopters of Alternative Data
  • Managers are always finding the Alpha to dominate the competition and Alternative Data allows them just that.
  • Alternative Data is not a replacement of traditional data but an added enhancement to it.
  • Alt Data needs to be analyzed well to create actionable insights that can be integrated into business process




Location Intelligence Enterprise

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Data Sutram

Location Intelligence Enterprise

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