Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Location Optimization

Understanding EV charging

Decoding Charging Stations

  • routined reserved charging or
  • emergency quick charging

1. Destination Chargers | Location

commercial hotspots by density

2. Quick Chargers | Traffic

free flow traffic in Noida
Jam Factor per half hour mark

Location Intelligent Solutions

  1. At Data Sutram, our analytics engine taps into routes and traffic flow data of an entire city at different time stamps, to estimate vehicular traffic patterns and calculate location-based indexes. Locating affluence and dynamic footfall of commercial destination spots, we can trace inflow of diverging traffic from important junctions nearby via the BC scores. That can give an idea of the extent of charging demands vehicles face in such locations.
  2. For residential areas, locations can be optimised by considering heavy residential housing and static demographics within neighbourhood agglomerations.
to and from routes between nodes




Location Intelligence Enterprise

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Data Sutram

Data Sutram

Location Intelligence Enterprise

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